“It’s Time. Changing Lives with Oral Appliance Therapy”

Join us for the enlightening online presentation, “Changing Lives With Oral Appliance Therapy,” featuring three esteemed presenters in the field of dental sleep medicine. 
Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen, an oral medicine specialist, Dr Marcus McMahon, a sleep physician with a special interest in oral appliance therapy, and Dr Harry Ball, a dentist specialising in dental sleep medicine, will share their expertise on various crucial topics.

Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen, an adjunct senior lecturer and consultant, will present “Managing Side Effects for Successful Outcomes,” focusing on the effective management of side effects associated with oral appliance therapy, bruxism, and temporomandibular disorders.

With his extensive experience and establishment of the SleepWise Clinic, Dr Harry Ball will deliver “The Simple and Proven Steps for a Successful Practice in Oral Appliance Therapy.” This presentation will provide valuable insights into the advances in oral appliances, technology, and strategies for running a thriving dental sleep practice.

Dr Marcus McMahon, a sleep and respiratory physician with a keen interest in dental sleep medicine, will share insights on “An Easy System to Organise Sleep Studies for Your Dental Patients – The Missing Link.” This session will cover simple and cost-effective methods for organising sleep studies, obtaining accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations, and leveraging the expertise of sleep physicians.

The online recording also explores essential areas such as screening patients for sleep apnea, the impact of snoring and sleep apnea on quality of life and health, treatment options including custom-made mandibular advancement splints, breakthroughs in technology, appropriate fee structures, and managing bruxism-related issues with occlusal splints.

Unlock valuable knowledge in dental sleep medicine and enhance your practice with this comprehensive online recording. Watch at your convenience and gain insights from these renowned presenters in the field. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your expertise and provide life-changing services to your patients. 


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