Marketing & Acquiring Patients

You will have many patients in your practice who have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea or don’t know they have it. The dentists at 3D Sleep can help you with a variety of effective materials and methods for identifying these patients and motivating them toward treatment.

These marketing materials can be ordered from the team at 3D Sleep.

Patient Brochures - Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

Informative patient brochure on all aspects of snoring, sleep apnoea and custom-made oral appliances as a proven, comfortable treatment.

Patient Brochures - Occlusal Splints

This brochure educates your patients and explains what bruxism is, the effects clenching and grinding can have over time and the importance of getting treated.

Patient Education Diagrams

Clearly illustrates how sleep apnoea and snoring occur and how dental sleep appliances work in overcoming these problems.

Clinical Forms

We can also provide all the clinical forms that are in use in established dental sleep clinics including:

  • Screening questionnaires,
  • Consultation paperwork,
  • Informed consent.