3D Sleep Diagnostics provides a diagnostic service using state of the art sleep study units which are sent to the patient’s home. The dentist will subsequently receive a detailed report from the sleep physician outlining the diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

A Telehealth pathway with a sleep physician will be available if required.

Diagnostic Sleep Study

$325 (gst free)

All studies include:

  • Delivery of the diagnostic sleep unit to the patient’s home
  • Sleep report including diagnosis and treatment recommendations by a sleep physician
  • Support and advice from the clinical team at 3D Sleep Diagnostics
  • A Telehealth consultation with a sleep physician with a partial medicare rebate and an out of cost to the patient.

A Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) Efficacy Sleep Study

If a patient proceeds with a MAS, a follow-up sleep test while using the appliance may be indicated based on the reported treatment recommendations from the sleep physician.  A follow-up sleep study is done to objectively determine the effectiveness of the MAS in treating snoring and sleep apnoea.  A MAS efficacy sleep study can be organised through 3D Sleep Diagnostics.