The George Gauge

The George Gauge is an indispensible instrument for taking a bite registration for a mandibular advancement splint. It is the ideal instrument for measuring the amount of mandibular protrusion your patient has and taking a registration at the desired degree of protrusion. This is the latest TGA approved, autoclavable version of The George Gauge.

The George Gauge Registration kit includes:

1 x Gauge,
1 x Standard 2mm bite fork,
1 x Standard 5mm bite fork,
1 x Long 2mm bite fork,
1 x Long 5mm bite fork.

George Gauge Instructions – Download Here

George Gauge Sterilisation Procedures – Download Here

Demonstration Appliances

These patient education ​tools are an indispensable part of the initial consultation. ​It is a key factor for patients understanding the value of treatment and the acceptance of treatment for bruxism,​ ​snoring and sleep apnoea.

Bur Kit

Four specially selected burs including three zirconia burs, for adjusting nylon occlusal splints and sleep appliances. These are the only burs you will need to make any required adjustment and to achieve a lab quality finish.

*The White Zirconia burs and the Yellow Wheel are autoclavable. 

Videos demonstrating ‘Adjusting a Nylon Appliance’ and ‘Taking a Registration’ can be found on the Clinical Procedures page of our website.

The Leaf Gauge

This Orthodontic Leaf Gauge is specifically designed for recording open bites and the diagnosis of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorders.

Key Features:
Autoclavable: Safe for sterilisation using autoclave methods.
Colour: White
Material: High-quality plastic
8 leaves = 1mm
Width: 13 mm
Quantity: 1 leaf gauge per package
Made in the U.S.A.
Leaf Gauge Sterilisation Procedure (PDF Instructions)

3DS Align

The 3DS Align, also known as a morning aligner, realigns the teeth back each morning very precisely into the initial starting centric occlusion position prior to receiving the MAS. The patient will be very aware of any changes in the occlusion before it can become a problem. We have designed a morning aligner (3DS Align), which is a pre-formed template with a thermoplastic material specifically designed for use with oral appliance therapy – this usually only takes around 90 seconds to fabricate.