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A Revolution In Oral Appliances

3D Printed Nylon Oral Appliances

There has been a revolution in oral appliances for sleep disorders. 3D printed Nylon, along with computer-assisted design and manufacturing, are creating appliances of unprecedented strength and comfort-the two essential features for achieving successful results.

Acrylic is a brittle material and needs to be relatively thick to prevent fracture. Appliances made from hard/soft combinations need to be even thicker and are still prone to fracture – a very undesirable side effect, particularly as it often occurs while the patient is asleep.

While acrylic has served the profession well in the past, it has been superseded by 3D printed nylon which has all the attributes of an ideal appliance for treating snoring, sleep apnoea and bruxism.

A Valuable Service

Dentists providing oral appliance therapy invariably say it’s the most enjoyable aspect of dentistry and a valuable, often life-changing treatment for patients.

New patients are attracted to the practice and then become an excellent source of referral for friends and family.

About 3D Sleep Laboratory

3D Sleep was established in a partnership between some of Australia’s most experienced dental sleep practitioners and leading digital technicians. Our mission is to produce the best quality sleep appliances available in the world and to support dentists in the field.

Dr Sam Talpis


Dr Ken Lee


Mr Russell Young

Dental Prosthetist

Dr Harry Ball


What The Experts Are Saying

“Nylon appliances are lightweight, sleek, minimally imposing on tongue space and have no reported allergic reactions…..real life experience with them has demonstrated that the nylon material is much more durable than the acrylic we have been accustomed to using in dentistry. These appliances are unlike anything we have used in dentistry to date.”

Dr John Viviano

"Overview of Sleep Disordered Breathing" Nov 2018
“3D printing using nylon represents the biggest breakthrough I have seen in the field of dental sleep medicine. It’s a new world of minimal, unobtrusive appliances. While the appliances are extremely thin, we have not had a single fracture in two years of use in our clinic. I and all my colleagues who are using 3D printed nylon believe acrylic resin will soon be obsolete for use in oral sleep appliances.”

Dr Harry Ball

BDSc LDS (Melb) M Counsell. (Lat.) Grad Dip Counsell. & HS (Lat.)
Past Co-Chair Dental Sleep Council, Australasian Sleep Association, SleepWise Clinic
“A long term patient had worn through two acrylic sleep appliances in about seven years because of bruxism. I changed him to a 3D Sleep nylon dorsal appliance and I rang him after five weeks and he is extremely pleased. He was considering CPAP as his previous appliances worked but were uncomfortable. He now states that he will not be going in that direction as this appliance is really comfortable!”

Dr Rob Shea

BDS, Grad Dip Public Health, FPFA, FICD
Past Co-Chair Dental Sleep Council, Australasian Sleep Association, Harley Dental
“I am using an oral appliance myself and recommending them to my patients who have problems with snoring and sleep apnoea. I’m very impressed with the comfort and effectiveness of the new 3D printed nylon appliances.”

Dr Ed Pudel

ENT Surgeon