Sleep Study


The WatchPAT ONE was chosen by the sleep physicians as best available diagnostic device for this service. This method of diagnosis will be suitable for the majority of your patients and enable you to proceed with treatment.

True Sleep Time

  • WatchPAT calculates AHI and RDI using the patient’s True Sleep Time rather than the recorded time used in most commercially available HSAT’s.
  • True Sleep Time reduces the risk of misdiagnosis and misclassification that has been reported up to 20% with using total recording time.

Sleep Architecture

WatchPAT’s clinically validated Sleep Architecture​ ​provides information on sleep staging including sleep efficiency, sleep latency and REM latency 2-3. It also provides the added value of detecting REM related sleep apnoea with REM and non-REM AHI.

Central Sleep Apnoea Identification

WatchPAT has been clinically proven to detect all types of ​apnoea events. The Central PLUS Module enables specific identification of Central Sleep ​Apnoea (CSA) and Percent of Sleep Time with Cheyne-Stokes Respiration.

Central Sleep Apnoea Identification

  • AHI Apnoea / Hypopnea per hour
  • Central AHI Apnoea / Hypopnea per hour
  • Apnoea Episodes through the night
  • Snoring and Body Position
  • Oxygen & Heart Rate (note precipitous drops)
  • Sleep Stages (unique to WatchPAT)
  • Body Position Statistics and Graphic Display
  • Snoring Statistics
  • Sleep Stages Graphic Display
  • Respiratory Indices Chart
  • AHI Severity Scale