The Team

About 3D Sleep Laboratory

3D Sleep is the only laboratory, and training facility in Australia, specialising in the range of state of the art appliances for snoring, sleep apnoea and bruxism.

3D Sleep was established in a partnership between some of Australia’s most experienced dental sleep practitioners and leading digital technicians, in order to produce the best quality sleep appliances available in the world. The commitment of 3D Sleep is to consistently provide appliances of the highest quality. All appliances are 100% Australian designed and manufactured.

Mr Tom Friedman


Tom graduated as dux from RMIT in Victoria Australia and went on to receive the Overseas Foundation Award. Tom is a qualified prosthetist and studied at Otago University in NZ and then worked with leading dental ceramists in Europe and USA.

Tom was the first person to design and utilise computer management systems in dental laboratories. He is a co-founder of Omega Ceramics Dental Laboratory which leads the way in dental technology and education. Tom is also a co-founder of 3D Sleep, and played a key role in the development of state of the art systems in the manufacture of the highest quality 3D printed nylon mandibular advancement splints.

Mr Russell Young


Russell graduated from RMIT in Victoria Australia in 1973 as dux of Applied Science of Dental Technology. He then won the Victorian Chamber of Commerce Study Award as well as Apprentice of the Year in Dental Technology. In 1974 he was awarded the Overseas Foundation Scholarship by Rotary International to study dental ceramics in New York and Chicago. He returned to Australia in 1975 and together with Tom Friedman, founded Omega Ceramics Dental Laboratory, which is now considered one of the leading dental laboratories in the country. He is also a co-founder of the 3D Sleep lab.

Russell has lectured widely in Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States, and has published articles in dental journals worldwide. He is a qualified dental prosthetist and has combined his comprehensive clinical knowledge with his vast experience to develop some of the finest dental sleep appliances in the world.

Dr Sam Talpis

BOH.Dsc, G,Dip.Dent (QLD), PG,Dip. Dent Imp (CSU)


Sam completed his dental degree in Queensland graduating with a Bachelor of Oral Health and a Graduate Diploma of Dentistry. He has completed a Craniofacial pain clinical residency program at the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain in the USA, a Sleep Residency in San Diego and has been accepted into the Masters degree program in Sleep Medicine at the University of Sydney.

Sam has an expertise in dental sleep medicine and has lectured for the Australasian Sleep Association. He has vast experience in providing oral appliances for snoring, sleep apnoea and bruxism and is a co-director of SleepWise Clinic. Sam is involved with designs and innovations of state of the art oral appliances and has several patents in his name.

Dr Ken Lee

BHSc (Dent), MDent (LaTrobe), GDipOrth (JCU)


Ken is a co-director at SleepWise Clinic and since 2016 has restricted his practice to dental sleep medicine and orthodontics. In 2019, he also completed a Graduate Diploma of Orthodontics through James Cook University. His key areas of interest include the clinical prevention and management of occlusal changes and the research and development of new oral appliances for snoring and sleep apnoea. Ken is involved in training and supporting dentists in the field of dental sleep medicine and was a main presenter at the last Australasian Sleep Association Conference.

Dr Harry Ball

BDSc LDS (Melb) M Counselling (Latrobe) Grad Dip Counselling & HS (Latrobe)


A world’s leading practitioner in dental sleep medicine, prior to founding SleepWise Clinic he was a principal clinician at the Temporomandibular Disorders Pain Clinic at the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital. Dr Ball has been involved in training programs in dental sleep medicine for sleep physicians and general medical practitioners. He has presented highly acclaimed educational programs for dentists throughout Australia, as well as in England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia.

He has also presented for many organizations including the Australasian Sleep Association, Dental Health Services of Victoria, the Australian Dental Association and the Australian Association of Orthodontists. Dr Ball is the past co-chairperson of the dental sleep medicine division of the Australasian Sleep Association.