“Effectively Managing Bruxism in Dental Practice”

This video demonstrates state of the art, practical, evidence-based methods of managing Bruxism. The key presenter is Associate Professor Ramesh Balasubramaniam, a renowned world expert in bruxism and an oral medicine specialist from Perth, WA. He is a world leader in the field and has extensive experience as both a clinician and a researcher, as well as numerous publications and contributions to textbook chapters on bruxism, TMD and dental sleep medicine. 

Also presenting is Dr Harry Ball, a respected figure in dental sleep medicine – a fellow of dental sleep medicine and former co-chairperson of the Dental Sleep Medicine Council of the Australasian Sleep Association. His expertise complements A/Prof Balasubramaniam and delivers a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.  

The Three Topics: 

1. Indication and Design of Occlusal Splints: 

  • When and how to implement, 
  • Custom design for optimal outcomes, 
  • The communication skills for high-case acceptance and compliance. 

2. Non-Splint Treatments: 

  • Beyond Splints: Behavioural, physical, and stress management interventions to complement traditional splint therapy, 
  • Methods of monitoring the presence of bruxism and conservative strategies for preventing and minimising the harmful effects. 

3. The Link Between Bruxism, Sleep Apnoea, and TMD: 

  • The relationship among these conditions and how they influence each other highlights the importance of an accurate diagnosis. 


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