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Patient Instructions

Step one: Discuss your results with your referring dentist

Your dentist will discuss the results of the study with you and help you to understand your diagnosis. Treatment recommendations will also be discussed and may include oral appliance therapy or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy as the initial treatment of choice. In some instances, a follow-up sleep study or consultation with a sleep physician is indicated. If this is the case, please proceed to step two.

Step two: Sleep physician telehealth consultation

(If required)

1. Acquire a GP referral – this is required for a medicare rebate.

  1. Option 1: Utilise Qoctor (Online GP service) through the link or QR code below. You will be required to register and fill in the relevant forms online. Please select Dr Marcus McMahon (Melbourne Sleep Solutions) as the sleep physician you wish to attend.
Qoctor QR Referral Code

  1. Option 2: Visit your regular GP to request a referral to Dr Marcus McMahon from Melbourne Sleep Solutions (GP fees may apple)

2. Book a telehealth sleep physician consultation

    1. Melbourne Sleep Solutions will contact you for an appointment. A Telehealth consultation with a sleep physician with a partial medicare rebate and an out-of-cost to the patient. Please note that if you require further appointments or treatment, that an out-of-pocket cost will apply. If you have any issues, please contact Melbourne Sleep Solutions on (03) 9274 8000. Please mention that you are a 3DSleep Diagnostics patient for a priority appointment. If you would prefer to attend in person or consult with a different sleep physician, additional fees will apply.

    2. Please ensure that you have a copy of your sleep study and any relevant medical documents prior to your telehealth appointment. You can email all documents to
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