“Effectively Managing Bruxism in Dental Practice”

This video demonstrates state of the art, practical, evidence-based methods of managing Bruxism. The key presenter is Associate Professor Ramesh Balasubramaniam, a renowned world expert in bruxism and an oral medicine specialist from Perth, WA. He is a world leader in the field and has extensive experience as both a clinician and a researcher, as […]

“An Easy System for Organising Sleep Studies. The Missing Link”

Providing oral appliances for snoring, sleep apnoea and bruxism is often been described as the most enjoyable and satisfying area in dentistry. An essential factor in providing oral appliance therapy is having a method for diagnosing your patients with clear treatment recommendations from a sleep physician knowledgeable in dental sleep medicine. Presented by two leading […]

“It’s Time. Changing Lives with Oral Appliance Therapy”

Join us for the enlightening online presentation, “Changing Lives With Oral Appliance Therapy,” featuring three esteemed presenters in the field of dental sleep medicine.  Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen, an oral medicine specialist, Dr Marcus McMahon, a sleep physician with a special interest in oral appliance therapy, and Dr Harry Ball, a dentist specialising in dental sleep […]

“Waking Up To Sleep Webinar Series”

“An Easy System for Organising Sleep Studies. The Missing Link” Providing practical and evidence-based training and mentoring programs in oral appliance therapy for snoring, sleep apnoea & bruxism for dentists and their teams. With world-leading presenters: